Definitive Electronic Solutions

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Previous Businesses

ICM Registry LLC (sold 2018)- Domain Name Registry

Oneview.net PLC (sold 2000)- B2B ISP

Alto Group Ltd (sold 1998)- Office Automation

Eurofax PLC (sold 1997)- Office Automation


Born in the West Midlands in the UK in 1963, Stuart was the national junior race drivers champion for two years in the 1970’s racing Formula 6 single seat cars and then went on to attended the prestigious Imperial College part of London University to study Mechanical Engineering.

After graduating in 1985 he moved back to the Midlands to start Eurofax Ltd to capitalize on the introduction of the commercial fax machine. He built Eurofax organically and via acquisition into a leading regional provider during the 1980’s and 1990’s before its sale in 1997 to the Alto Group. Stuart joined the Alto Group as CEO and oversaw tremendous growth via acquisitions before exiting in 1998 to start Oneview to capitalize on the commercialization of the internet at that time. Oneview grew rapidly to around 450 employees and undertook an IPO on the London Stock Exchange before being acquired in March 2000 for over $200 million. Stuart then moved to the Bahamas for a few years before moving to Palm Beach County in the United States where he still resides. In 2002 he invested in and helped grow Definitive Electronic Solution a thriving home automation company in Jupiter, FL and also from 2003 he developed ICM Registry LLC that applied for and ran 4 ICANN accredited top level domains (TLD’s) until its sale in 2018 to Minds & Machines a UK Public Company. MMX was subsequently acquired by GoDaddy.

Following the tragic death of his only child, his son, Sabian in early 2022, killed as a pedestrian in a hit & run Stuart has now retreated from the business world and is no longer investing or participating in start ups and is pursuing other philanthropic avenues.